Let’s get social!

Paddle Days is a lifestyle. Being on the water is so good physically and mentally, and it is even better to head out with friends! We love to connect with paddlers, both experienced and new to SUPing, and welcome anyone to join us for our social paddles!

We have fun Friday night Pub Paddles in summer (paddle to the pub, one drink, then paddle back!), and on Sundays in winter. And we aim to have an organised paddle every 2 – 3 weeks in a different location to explore the various waterways of the coast and beyond. We enjoy joining up with other SUP groups to check out their local paddle places too! And then there are many spontaneous ‘it’s a gorgeous day and I’m going out now so who wants to come with me?’ kind of paddles! 🙂

These social paddles are not lessons or tours and are separate to the Paddle Days business and therefore are not covered by insurance. Paddle Days is not liable for people or property on social paddles organised on our public Facebook group. We are not a club – we are a just a group of people having a laugh and not taking ourselves too seriously! At the same time, we are very safety conscious, always look out for each other, and happily share our knowledge and experiences.

Jump onto our Public Facebook Group below to join us on a paddle adventure. Reach out if you don’t have your own board yet, and we will try to organise one for you to have a go on before you get your own!

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