I don’t have great balance – will I be able to SUP?

This is a common concern with stand up paddling, but I’ll let you in on a secret – it can also be kneel down or sitting paddling! No worries at all to start that way until you get the feel of the board moving on the water. I have a lot of regular paddlers who prefer to be on their knees still most of the time – especially in winter as the water gets a bit chillier! Popping down to your knees is also a good idea if a boat or jetski goes past and makes a few waves until you are really confident with your balance!

You will probably find though that it won’t be long until you are ready to try standing and I can guide you through the best way to get up on your feet. The view is great from up there!

I have my own board. Will my tour be cheaper?

Great to hear you have a board! You are probably already addicted and just looking for a unique paddle experience. 🙂 Feel free to bring it along. However the tours are the same price whether you have a board or use one of ours. Tours are priced to cover time more than equipment so that we can keep it affordable for everyone.

Do you use inflatable or hard boards?

You choose! Everyone you talk to will have an opinion on the inflatable (iSUP) versus hard board debate. I think they both have their place and I use both depending on the situation. iSUPS are great for learning as they are light to carry and move around, stable on the water, and a bit more forgiving if you fall on one. Hard boards glide a bit better in the water and handle a little bit more wind than the inflatables do, but they are heavier and a bit more precious to look after as you have to make sure you don’t drop, scratch, knock them or leave them in the sun too long as they don’t like that! I will have a chat with you to decide what is best, and we can also swap boards so you can try the different options!

What about Sharks?!

One of the most common questions I get – and the answer is yes – of course there are lots of different and beautiful creatures in the sea and rivers where we paddle, but we don’t seem to come across them very often at all. We are the ones going into their territory, but shark attacks on anyone in the water are relatively rare in comparison with how many of us spend time in and on the water! The good thing about a stand up paddle board is that it is big – bigger than a seal and you don’t have your legs dangling in the water. If you do fall off, you will make a big splash which scares away anything close. We also have a good weapon in our hands – the paddle!

We do see a lot of stingrays in the waterways when the water is clear, and these beautiful creatures usually keep a pretty good eye on us and scoot away before we get too close which is a fabulous sight to see (tip – polaroid sunnies make it easier to see them!). You probably need to be most careful walking in and out of the water that you don’t stand on an oyster than worrying about sharks on a SUP!

What should I wear?

You just want to be comfortable and be able to move your arms freely. Falling off is actually not as common as you think – and once you get the hang of it, you could quite easily paddle in a cocktail dress or 3 piece suit if you wanted to! We have paddled in all sorts of costumes for different occasions! But on a serious note, I do usually suggest having swimwear on at least underneath your clothes. It can actually get really warm on a sunny day with no wind (ie perfect SUP conditions!). Layers are best – swimmers, sun protective rash vest or long sleeve shirt, leggins or board shorts are all fine. If it is a bit cooler, you can certainly wear a wetsuit, but you might find yourself stripping it off once you get paddling unless you do want to jump in the water as it gets quite hot in a wetsuit if you stay dry.

Other must haves – sunglasses (polaroid give you a great view into the water!), sunglasses strap if you have good ones or wear prescription glasses – they will fall off your face if you fall off the board, and I am not a fan of donating Raybans to turtles! We usually go barefoot up here as it is warm, but you can also wear non slip wet suite booties or reef shoes if you like.

We have waterproof bags to pop your phone and car keys in which you can tie to your board. And it is a good idea to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated too.

What about boats and jetskis?

We share the waterways with many different people on many different watercraft. As a SUPer, we are like pedestrians and have to look out for the other waterway users, but we tend to find that most of them also respect us and slow down so that their waves are smaller for us. There will always be the ‘hoons’ on the water who love to go way too fast and make big waves for us to deal with, but they are way more the exception than the rule. We are all so fortunate to be able to use these waterways, so always try to have respect for our fellow mermaids and mermen! 🙂

What if it is bad weather?

Wind is not our friend with flat water SUPing. We aim to not paddle in more than 12 knot winds as that is just hard work! We also don’t always have perfect days of the right tide and wind and sun, but as long as we can still get the board moving forwards, we can usually go out for a paddle. Paddling in the rain is actually very fun, but you might not think so! If Mother Nature decides to not play along with our plans, we are always happy to try and reschedule for another day.

Can I bring my pup with me?

We love SUP pups! But not all pups love SUPs! So it is up to you to make the call. If you are on a private tour, we can take all the time your pup needs to get used to the idea, but if we have a group, we can’t hang around too long if your pup is a little freaked out by the idea. We have had many different scenarios – pups frozen on the spot, pups chilling out like it was something they do every day, and pups who just want to jump off and swim every few minutes! Just reach out and have a chat with us if you are considering bringing your furry friend. 🙂 All the same answers apply to bringing small children – you will need to provide your own life jacket for children under 12.

Do you offer refunds?

Please see booking terms and conditions for all refund details. 🙂